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Snapit! Products, Inc. is devoted to developing high quality accessories for mobility aid users and boating enthusiasts, enhancing safety and improving quality of life.

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Snapit! Marine

Regardless of whether you are out for an afternoon sail or just cruising the lake on your pontoon boat or crossing the ocean on your sailing yacht or power cruiser….Or whether you’re just looking for a holder for your drink, or binoculars or cell phone, or a mount for that GPS, VHF, Chart plotter, radar or fish finder…Or maybe the day is done and you are ready to relax with a glass of wine at the cockpit table…The sailors at SnapIt! products have exactly what you want!


Accessories for Powerboat, Sailboat, Pontoon Boats

Snapit!™ Mobility

Maybe you’re just tooling around in your power scooter or wheelchair, out for a ride enjoying the freedom of your power chair, playing tennis, racing in your sports performance chair, shopping with your walker in your favorite store…Maybe you’ve thought about how freeing it would be to have whatever you needed—drink, cell phone, extended reach grabber, cane, oxygen system, test kit, etc.—within easy reach…Maybe you haven’t really thought about it at all … or thought about it and given up. The good folk at SnapIt!™ think about it with passion and refuse to give up! Check out the SnapIt!™ line of functional mobility accessories.


Accessories for Mobility Aid Users